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Fri, 10/05/2018

Erin’s Journal

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Just a thought… Gratitude is the memory of the heart. [Jean Baptiste Massieu]

There are many things in this life – this rich, varied, glorious and painful life – that I am thankful for this weekend and always. But if you’re like me, chief among those things are people. Those who love us. Those who support us. Those who understand, tolerate, entertain and encourage us. Those who make our lives better simply by being there, either in person or in spirit.
Take this relationship we have, you and I. I would guess that I’ve met perhaps five percent of the people who come by to share this journal and to comment on Facebook or via email with your own perspectives on things I bring up. You share thoughts that make me see things from a different angle, that show to me that we’re so very much the same, many of us, and that serve to humble me with the honesty of your own experiences.
I’m grateful that you are there. And even though we haven’t really met, so many of us, there’s this attachment I feel. You’ve been there when I needed it most and even if you never wrote or reached out (and that’s okay, too!) I’ve always felt your quiet support. Maybe I’m delusional. But I choose to believe it’s there, even if I can’t always see it. I guess that’s what “faith” is all about, too, right?
This week in my journals I’ve been leaning on some experiences with family and it’s reminded me of the importance of being around the people who know you best. It can take decades to get past the bad feelings that can exist in family dynamics, but perspective and experience can show you that there are ways you could have handled yourself better, and that it’s never too late to make a fresh start. I think that’s happening among my siblings. Never too late.
Finally, I’m grateful in this new life of ours, where we’re just a video call away from the sweet boy who holds all of the strings of our hearts, that we are still able to hold and love two little children. Our second cousins, Regan who – like Colin – is about to turn four and her little brother Owen who just turned two, will be at a boisterous Thanksgiving table this weekend. Their mom is Lauren’s “big sister” (or so she wished) Karen; Karen and Joe live near Victoria and we’ll be at the home of Karen’s folks, my aunt and uncle, for what I’m sure will be a lovely dinner.
Last weekend here near Victoria, my dad was with Karen’s dad, who is 19 years his junior. We got a couple of generations in one shot here – Dad (left), Vern and little Owen. Those Davis jowls are right there in the DNA, you can see that. And what a lovely memory to behold!

Don, Owen & Vern

I wish you time with family and, if that is not possible, a heart filled with memories that make you thankful, too. For many of us, a chair will sit empty and we’ll say a silent prayer of gratitude for the years of joy we shared. 
There’s always so much for which to be thankful, and we are. We truly are.
Have a lovely weekend and I’ll be back here with you on Tuesday. ‘Cause guess what? We’re “wheels up” again!

Erin DavisFri, 10/05/2018