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Mon, 03/05/2018

Erin’s Journal

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Just a thought… I was born to make mistakes, not to fake perfection. [Drake] 

Welcome to a brand new week. I hope that you’re not too sleep-deprived (that is, if you stayed up for the Oscars last night). Of course, here on the west coast, everything began at 5 pm. Where were these hours when I was getting up at 3:15 on Mondays? Honestly! But we had over a couple and another friend and we dressed up just for fun – Rob in his tux and everything – and I’ll get to that tomorrow, if it’s worthwhile. But for today…another kitchen adventure.
Every time I bake – which is admittedly not that often – I worry that I’m going to pour in soya sauce when I was supposed to put in vanilla or, when I’m doing a stir fry, the reverse. I have a couple of bottles that look rather similar (as do we all) and there’s always the risk of that if you’re trying to do too much all at once.
But a week or so ago I got caught and I was almost relieved to find that Rob did, too.
We have yogurt in the fridge (and that’s on purpose, not just some milk that we’ve forgotten about). We like to keep plain on hand so that we can mix it with fruit in the morning or use it in place of higher calorie sour cream as a topping on chili or baked potatoes. Maybe you do the same. 
Rob had a rather unusual sort of culinary experience when he scooped out a dollop and put it on his potato. What a surprise he got with his first mouthful when he realized that the yogurt he’d used was not plain – it was vanilla!
That’s the sort of mistake you only make once, right? Nope – not us. It wasn’t a week later that I was serving up chili and plopped a big tablespoon of that same yogurt onto each bowlful. I realized it before we tasted it, though, having remembered Rob’s misadventure. So I scooped it out and on we went.
Now, you’ll understand our confusion when you see these two containers side by side. Basically the only difference is a subtly coloured flower and a vanilla bean. Not enough when you’re rushing to get your meal together. 


My solution? To take a big Sharpie and write VANILLA across the container. Simple, but effective; at least I’m hoping that it will prevent any further accidental toppings. But, then again…this is us. We’ll likely do it again!
Have an easy day and we’ll be back with you tomorrow.

Erin DavisMon, 03/05/2018