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Mon, 04/09/2018

Erin’s Journal

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Just a thought… Invisible threads are the strongest ties. [Friedrich Nietzsche] 

Hello again – I trust you were able to stay warm and cozy this weekend. We were fully immersed in winter weather on our drive from downtown Toronto to London, where friends Lisa and Derek welcomed us and we caught up with our dear pals while getting our bodies back on eastern time.
Yesterday as we headed back into Toronto to stay with our dear and longtime pal Robina and her family, we made some more connections, stopping by my niece Meaghan’s home in Orangeville to catch up with her and her little family of beautiful boys, and then to Brampton to meet the bereaved mom Luisa that I told you about here a few weeks back; her son Anthony died at the end of February and since I had worked with him, she reached out to me.
We just made such a heart connection on the phone, I told her I wanted a chance to sit with her over a coffee. And it was amazing. I hope to tell you about it here a bit later in the week. Today I want to remind you of something special happening at 4 o’clock local time this afternoon.

Erin Davis and Mke Cooper

On Thursday, after the meeting at HarperCollins, Rob and I had the lovely opportunity to chat over dinner with Gerry and Lucy from New Wave Travel. We were getting more and more excited as the dinner progressed, discussing next year’s Tulip Time AMA Waterways river boat cruise from Amsterdam to Belgium and back. Some couples are spending a night or two in London before hand, another in Paris.
It all sounds so exciting and we’ll talk more about it this afternoon during a webinar at 4. This chat is going to include Mike Cooper, at whose house we’re staying tonight and tomorrow. We can’t wait to catch up with the Coopers on the shores of Buckhorn Lake, fire blazing and tea cups in hand. Debbie and I have lots of girls stuff planned (reiki and a spiritual reading) and Rob and Mike will do some odd jobs and then just head to Rama together. 
They always have such a good time when they’re together, our boys; just as Debbie and I connect on a much tamer level. How we miss these two in our daily lives!

Erin DavisMon, 04/09/2018