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Monday, January 27, 2020

Just a thought… Cleaning house while children are growing is like shoveling snow when it’s still snowing. [Phyllis Diller]

Ah, Monday. What an incredibly fun and busy weekend in our part of the Ottawa area! One of my highlights came from the sky; I know you’re probably done with the white stuff already, but this is the first snow I’ve seen since last year when I was on the book tour in Ontario.

Funny how the last few major snowfalls in Ontario have hit during weekends, isn’t it? Almost like commuters are being spared the worst of it, while plows get a chance to do their work. And we are grateful.

Yesterday 5-year-old Colin and I were joyful partners in snow-shoveling as the wet, heavy flakes accumulated throughout a gently mild Sunday. We moved and piled it, then watched through the window as the slushy pavement we’d exposed gradually returned to its previous white. But of course, everything is relative, isn’t it?

When we think of our neighbours just a few provinces east of us, and what they’ve endured, it makes my mildly sore back (yeah, I’m blissfully out of shape for this kind of activity) seem pretty darned inconsequential. I’ve got something along those lines to share with you further below. But we made snow angels and a few memories to pack up and take home with me when it’s time to go.

I’ve just a few more days here with our sweet grand babies and I’ll be sorry to be heading out to Toronto on Wednesday, although it’s the original reason for my trip east to begin with, as we embark on the Facebook Live adventure I told you about here last week with Home Equity Bank

I’ve got my fingers crossed that the techie gods are in our corner and that you’re able to join in, share your stories, your questions and even your concerns. More here. And a reminder it’s at 8 pm Eastern Time; my post reads 5 PM, but that’s the Pacific Time upon which my trusty laptop is set.

A few people have asked if Rob is with me for this trip, or where Molly is; they’re together at home in the warmer weather. He’s keeping extremely busy and every time I call it seems he’s either up a ladder or with a set of pliers in his hand.

As for Molly, we don’t travel with her any more than absolutely necessary, as she is 15-and-a-half years old. As you have seen from the videos in which she romps and runs, she hardly shows her age in any way except in the evenings: that’s when she migrates between the front and back doors, softly pawing at the glass to go outside.

We will let her out, she wanders around and then strolls back into the house, half the time not having done anything on the grass. (And please don’t warn me about coyotes in desert neighbourhoods; she’s always being watched and we have a fully fenced yard.)

I’m just wondering if her new evening habits are the result of a bit of senility setting in with her age. I’ve Googled it and this doesn’t seem to be too unusual. In addition to her SierraSil Leaps and Bounds dog chews, I’m wondering if maybe Omega 3s might be in order to help her brain to keep functioning as best it can. It’s not at all worrisome and our job for the next few years is just to keep her happy and comfortable, living her best life!

I’m sorry I didn’t get to the story about my unusual travel mate, but there was so much going on this weekend: the lightheartedness of my time with two beautiful kids and their parents, and then the shock of one of sports’ biggest names losing his life at the age of 41.

As you probably know by now, Kobe Bryant was killed yesterday in a helicopter crash, along with his daughter Gianna, on his way to coach one of her basketball games. All nine aboard the chopper died, including the pilot, as well as one of Gianna’s teammates and her parents.

I’m afraid I’ll save the travel anecdote for another time. And our thoughts are with Vanessa Bryant and her and Kobe’s surviving daughters, along with the families of all the victims. Such a tragedy on so many levels.

Now, something good for all of us.

I saw this on the weekend and had to share it with you. Mark Critch is a lovely man and obviously has a huge heart. When you watch this little ode Mark put together last week to the people of his native Newfoundland, I guarantee you’ll be touched, as I was. Enjoy this and I’ll be back with you – from Toronto – on Thursday.


Rob WhiteheadMonday, January 27, 2020