Erin's Journals

Monday, July 6, 2020

Just a thought… [When] I got sober, I had all this time and more energy…it’s working today. That’s all I have. But it makes life so much easier. [Ringo Starr]

I’ve a lot on which to catch you up, so let’s get at it. Although it was scheduled four days after my own “big day,” I missed my one-year birthday meeting Saturday on Zoom with our local 12-step group because of the wrong code; I sat there with my little birthday candle and lighter at the ready and felt as if I’d been stood up for a date on Saturday night.

Although my “Serenity Prayer” got a workout that day, I told Rob, “At least it wasn’t a business meeting or an emcee gig where I was letting a lot of people down.” There’s always something for which to be grateful, as I am for you.

Many folks have written asking after Molly’s well-being. She’s doing okay. Some days she hardly eats and just sleeps all day; others, she’s constantly standing by a dish she’s just emptied, wanting more, and when we take her out, it’s a challenge to keep up with her. That was the case yesterday when she and I jogged for part of her outing.

Last week, I thought we were nearing the end, as we were up most of one night with her because of a raucous digestive system (yes, there were accidents). Such is life with an aged dog. But for the most part, she’s doing really well. Every day is a gift.

Oh, I should tell you that I’ve passed along many of your kind words to my dad. He giggles like a child when I tell him that people say he’s handsome! But these days he’s going through some uncharacteristic depression, as the realization is setting in that he no longer has his keys, his car and the freedom that accompanied them. His lady friend is upset, too (even with us daughters, I’m told), and much of that likely has to do with her losing a bit of her freedom as well.

We get that; as a team, my three sisters and I are working to ease the sting. We’ve formulated a plan to get him regular rides and a brother-in-law who will be setting up semi-weekly errand runs with them. We’re all doing the best we can; Saturday we got together virtually and delivered a bouquet and some of his favourite toffee. I know that both gave him a smile, that is, if his favourite toffee doesn’t reduce that smile by a few teeth!

The WestJet situation I wrote about here last Monday seems to be resolved – sort of. Although I haven’t heard back from the manager to whom I’d written, Phil and Brooke spoke to an agent on Friday (after a six-hour wait for a call back that didn’t come, they started again on another phone).

The middle seat which was previous blocked off for COVID safety was still available, while the seats they’d already booked had dropped slightly in price. So after refunds of the existing purchases, they were able to buy baby Jane the seat and spend just $144 more, rather than the $1000+ an agent had told them earlier that it was going to cost. So I guess that’s a bit of a win?

Of course, what’s at the forefront of our minds these days is that same little family: the one that is packing up and selling items and checking off lists in the climatic steam bath that is Ottawa. The way we’re helping from this end is by picking up local online purchases of gently-used baby furniture and toys for the kids to have at the ready when they arrive – first for a few weeks here, and then in their own home once the truck pulls into the driveway with their new (two-year-old) house’s contents.

Yes, this is becoming more real by the day. And while we’re trying not to count the days or hours (19 sleeps to be exact) we’re managing to stay calm and keep baby-proofing everything! At nine months old, Jane isn’t yet moving around, but it’s just a matter of minutes until she is.

Finally, tomorrow, Ringo Starr turns 80. There will be a concert at 8 pm ET on 7/7 with a lot of his friends (from whom, with a little help, rumour has it, he gets by) and here’s the link to a story about it.

As Ringo – now 31 years sober – would urge you to say at noon tomorrow, I wish you “Peace and Love.” And I’ll be back with you here on Thursday.

Rob WhiteheadMonday, July 6, 2020