Erin's Journals

Monday, May 24, 2021

Just a thought… If you’re tired, learn to rest, not quit. [Author Unknown]

Happy Victoria Day! In honour of the holiday, an outdoor video journal awaits you, so please go to my Facebook page, or here on YouTube, to watch and enjoy. Also, if you’re interested in seeing the CHEK News piece to which I refer, which aired locally about our journey west and what brought us here to the island as well as the Hall of Fame honour last week, please click here.

It aired Friday on a segment CHEK does in their 5 and 6 pm news packages called “The Upside” about positive things happening in our area and, like the journal, was shot in Iroquois Park in Sidney, near Victoria, at the bench we dedicated to Lauren’s memory and to all moms who just need to take a rest and “dream a little dream.” (Spoiler Alert: duckling sighting!)

Have a lovely week and I’ll be back with a new journal for you on Thursday. Be well.

Rob WhiteheadMonday, May 24, 2021