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Thursday, January 6, 2022

Just a thought… I can resist anything except temptation. [Oscar Wilde]

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Hello – and welcome into another journal. I’ll start with a quick reminder that if you got a gift card for Christmas and haven’t spent it yet, a tiny pillow speaker is a great idea for listening to Drift with Erin Sleep Stories.

This is the second year of putting out these tales weekly and so far there have been about fifty installations, and a whole bunch of it is FREE. In fact, all of our Catch My Drift chats with interesting people about dreams, sleep training for children and which essential oils could help you relax are dropping every two days, right now. Check it out: Google Drift with Erin Davis and help this dream of mine, to help put you to sleep after decades of waking you up, come true. I won’t stop working hard and hoping this will be a success. Just listen, subscribe for free and rate it on Apple Podcasts if you can. Please.

So, I try to begin each new year with a resolution – besides the usual “lose X pounds” and this year I really have to. But tell me: what are we supposed to do when Mini Eggs are half-price after Christmas when you know they’re the same dang eggs year round and they just happen to be the deal of a lifetime? I mean, would it not be irresponsible not to take advantage of such savings?

So now I look in my “treat” cupboard and it’s got half-priced Licorice All-Sorts, cut cost Christmas-coloured M&Ms (I guess a true connoisseur could taste the difference, but as yet, I cannot…something to aim for – like a snack sommelier?) and whatever else Shoppers was practically giving away on Boxing Day. I mean, how do you walk away from savings like that?

Seriously, I know how you walk away: you just do. Like I did when the chips were on sale. It can be done…I guess. And, of course, I know that unless my intake is in moderation, it’s not good for me. So I try to take it easy.

But honestly, we’ve been immersed in the new Dexter re-up on Crave called Dexter: New Blood and it’s so tense, either those Mini Eggs or my nails are going to go. And one more episode and the season’s done.

Look, we’re all escaping the terrible twos of this pandemic the best we can. The aim is not to end up the worse for wear after it than when it began. Fortunately, last week I marked 2 years and 6 months of sobriety, so that’s one bad habit I don’t have today. I dropped vaping last year. Maybe this is the year I stop with the chocolatey snacks, although I wouldn’t bet on it.

Betting! Right! We gave up visits to Vegas, too. So yay me! See, I’m already practically a candidate for sainthood! Except for the swearing thing, and that’s a story I’ll share with you Monday. It involves Colin and could have been a whole lot worse.

Rob WhiteheadThursday, January 6, 2022