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Tue, 05/07/2019

Erin’s Journal

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Just a thought… We do not need magic to transform our world. We carry all of the power we need inside us already. [J.K.Rowling]

SO…this just in…yesterday afternoon I received an email from Gerry at New Wave Travel and it’s looking like an exclusive taking-over-the-boat Rhine Cruise on the AmaStella in October 2020 is becoming a reality. I’ll keep you posted; right now we’re making sure of details. But I got that note just as I was sitting down to pen this today, so I had to pass it along. More to come when I get back from my little two week sabbatical.
Anyway, I thought I’d keep it a little shorter today and share with you a smile, a godwink, a nod from beyond…or, at least, what I choose to think of as such.
You know from reading Mourning Has Broken (or just from visiting here regularly) that I’m a fan of looking for signs. Whether it’s a feather here or there, a dime or a special song that comes on at just the right moment, I’m always keeping my eyes (and ears) open in case Lauren wants to send a nudge. There are some, I’m sure, who think it’s a sign, all right – one that I’m losing it – but what the heck. If it hurts no one and makes us feel better, what’s the harm?
So it was yesterday that I found myself at the dentist – a lovely lady whose office sits on the banks of a lake just south of us. To look out the window and see a heron landing is just bliss.
Once I’d gotten a filling repaired, I took a short walk along the lake’s edge. There were even a few hardy children playing in the sand and water, their mom looking on, while another gentleman sat and read. A lovely spring sight here on bucolic Vancouver Island.

Saanich, Bc

As it has been and will be for the rest of the week, my mind was especially filled with thoughts of Lauren. I sat on a rock and looked out on the placid waters as I played her singing “Dream a Little Dream of Me” on my iPhone. I stood up to walk some more and as I looked down in the deep, dewy grass, I spotted something black and shiny, barely bigger than a toonie.
I bent down and picked it up and turned it over. Here’s what that was.

Calgary Flames keychain

A keychain – a goalie mask – for Rob (who plays goal). Sure, he’s never been a Flames fan (try to find a Maple Leafs fan out here!) but I thought perhaps she was saying, “C? I’m thinking of you.” I don’t know…but as I say, what harm does it do?
Have a gentle day and I’m just so pleased to hear that so many of the folks who come by here were in 20C+ temperatures yesterday. Not all, I know, but enough that I didn’t feel guilty about my flip flops and beach walk yesterday!
Back with you here tomorrow.

Erin DavisTue, 05/07/2019