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Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Just a thought…

Be still and know that I am God.

Be still and know that I am.

Be still and know.

Be still.


[St. Patrick]

Just breathe.

Yes – I don’t usually post journals on Tuesdays. But these are incredibly challenging times, and I find that I have to write, post, communicate somehow, so here we are.

Details are emerging and news is changing every few minutes and there’s no way to keep up with it all, so I’m going to give you a few things to help you take your mind off it – if even for a moment or two.

First off, I watched with anxiety and interest yesterday’s news conference from Ottawa. I’d heard that perhaps the number of airports accepting international flights was going to be changed, and indeed that happened.

With a great sigh of relief, we heard that Calgary – WestJet’s hub – is going to be open to us when we come home day-after-tomorrow.  We’ll fly from Palm Springs to Calgary, get our screening done before and after that flight, and then catch another plane for the shorter leg to Victoria.

When we will finally enter our house and get into our flannel sheets at home, I have no idea. It will be a long travel day, but one for which we are extremely grateful.

I’m not ranting today, just biding my time. The irony of trying to get through the food in our freezer, when we know we’ll have to stock up (via online ordering) when we get home, is not lost on us. We’re turning off the fridge and leaving it open while we’re gone, so as to try to save on the exorbitant power bills, and to try and do our part to lessen the strain on the California grid. 

Our pool heater died on the weekend, too – God’s way of saying it’s time to go home. We were anyway, but I can take a big ol’ cosmic hint! (And yes, I know that in the big picture it’s a smaller concern than a leaf in a tornado. It’s just a little levity.)

Thank goodness you get me. I anxiety tweeted yesterday about the lateness of the PM’s address, and there it was again – a big ol’ pile-on. So I deleted it. Lesson learned. The fact that a major radio host retweeted it got me into a lot of strangers’ feeds and they just had at me. I hate to have such PMS (poor me syndrome in my case) but I really am not used to such hostility. As I say, I’m gaining wisdom with each passing hour.

So let me bring you a little zen, shall I? A couple of weeks back, before the severity and gravity of our current situation began to set it, I had a lovely talk with two terrific women: my good friend (and wife of The General, Ian) Anita MacArthur and broadcaster & instructor Sheila Walsh. They have now done six episodes of the “Moms Sipping Sangria” podcast and invited me to be their guest.   

If you’d like to be introduced to these ladies, I will pass on this invitation to you to click here and enjoy some laughs, some information and a chance to listen in on some good friends. No one says we have to lose all of our connections, right?  

Enjoy this – and I’ll be back with you tomorrow. Anita writes the rest of today’s journal:

And Happy St. Patrick’s Day. Erin Go Home.

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~ Anita & Sheila  

Rob WhiteheadTuesday, March 17, 2020