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Wed, 09/05/2018

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Just a thought… The more you love your children, the more they learn to love others. [A.D. Williams]

It’s Wednesday already! And, oh, I love your notes and emails. Yesterday, after the journal that I freestyled about the first day “back to” everything, I got the most wonderful private Facebook note. It comes from a woman named Karen and this story should go viral, it’s so beautiful. But I’m just fine that it stays among us!
As you (hopefully) read, I was lamenting never being able to take our little girl to her first day of school. Not for any of them, until much later when I had an unscheduled September off; by that time, she was in high school and was walking with friends or taking the subway.


I got a note from someone who remembered so clearly Lauren’s first day of school: apparently, I remarked on the radio that she looked like Franklin the Turtle with her backpack on and I was worried she was going to fall over! The woman was so sad about her own child going off that first day, but remembered that my comment made her laugh. Her note was a beautiful gift to start a Tuesday morning and I am forever grateful for the moments that people remember, even if they’ve long slipped my mind.
Now, obviously I’m not the only parent who wishes they could have been available for “firsts” that were missed. But it was a message from Karen that just opened my eyes to the wonderful opportunities that can still exist.
Of course, moms who are not at their children’s side can be there with their little ones in spirit during school by sending backpack notes or sweet nothings in their lunches. The occasional Hershey’s Kiss can’t hurt, either – just to remind the little ones (or bigger ones, too) that they’re loved and in our hearts.
But look at what journal visitor Karen’s daughter did. It’s just astounding and so very tender.

girl on a sidewalk

This little girl’s mom is a kindergarten teacher, thus unable to take her daughter on that first day of school to a class of her own. So yesterday, here’s what she did: she got up early, took chalk and wrote messages of inspiration that her daddy could read to her as he held her hand and walked all along her route to school. (I know, I teared up reading about it, too). You can see some of those messages below:

sidewalk messages 

In case you can’t quite make them out, here’s what a few say:

sidewalk message


sidewalk message


sidewalk message


sidewalk message


sidewalk message

I already loved this woman, but those lines from Yeats were the same ones I used as my “Just a Thought” yesterday, so I love her more! There’s also a Dr. Seuss quote and a line from Daniel Tiger. Then an arrow saying ALMOST THERE! And finally this lovely message in chalk on the sidewalk: 

sidewalk message

Isn’t that just THE BEST? How I wish I’d have thought of doing this – and, of course, any parent can do it any day they want to leave a message to their child on their path to the future. What a lovely story – and I thank Clara’s grandma for sharing it with me. Most of all, here’s to all the Moms AND Dads, Grandmas and Grandpas who have gotten through a day of firsts (with or without tears) on the way to many, many more. 
My heart is just bursting. What a wonderful way to be with your child, even if you cannot be there in person! Pass it on and have a wonderful Wednesday.

Erin DavisWed, 09/05/2018